Production: Modern facilities for top quality

In order to meet its high quality standards, the Lotus Group produces in the latest production facilities from leading manufacturers at the Boizenburg site.

  • Extrusion: Multi-layer extrusion lines from leading German manufacturers, equipped with fully computerized thickness control systems and gravimetric metering systems
  • Printing: Eight and ten-color fl exographic printing of Fischer & Krecke (Bobst) with the most modern anilox rollers and image print quality of more than 60 lines/cm². In order to ensure a high level of reproducibility, the Lotus Group uses state-of-the art printing monitoring systems.
  • Lamination: Solventless lamination on a Solventless laminator
  • Reel slitting: High-performance reel slitters of Kampf and PSA
  • Packaging: Modern LEMO bag making systems for mailers, safety bags, cooler bags and carry bags (carry bags with grip holes and base fold, grip hole bags, loop handle bags)