Unternehmen und Standorte

Apart from our sales office in Hamburg, the LOTUS Group established a production network with manufacturing facilities in Germany and Vietnam.

Our site in Boizenburg/Germany has been producing flexible packaging products since 2002. After the acquisition of the assets by the LOTUS Group in 2013, it serves as an important foothold in Europe The location Boizenburg produced since 2002 flexible plastic packaging. He was acquired in 2013 by the LOTUS Group and serves as an important foothold in Europe to tap valuable synergies in the market and product development as well as in production technology. The proximity to our European customers is a key success factor our Group.

Our location in Ho-Chi-Minh-City/Vietnam has been producing plastics film and packaging products since 1995. With this experience, we are able to produce high volumes of the highest quality at competitive costs.

With our two locations in northern Germany and Vietnam, we are able to offer our customers a unique combination of high quality and flexibility in logistics, production and purchasing.